Reindeer ornament in a Christmas tree. Looks confused.  Mouth open, eyes wide open. Wondering what to say. Red nose and sparkling lights add interest. Creating curiosity.

Now what ….?

Let’s continue on with tips from our conversation, yesterday! Remember, you decided you were actually going to go to the office event of your partner/spouse, this year. We have decided to even enjoy it, this time.

Rule #1 We covered this one. It’s all about remembering that all you have to do is listen in and ask questions because everyone’s favorite topic is “ME”–(of course I mean herself/himself).

Rule #2 Pacing. When you are in a group or talking to one other person, you will notice the pitch of the voice, the use of hand gestures, the volume and even the vocabulary. Sometimes, I just stand aside for a while and find a group that isn’t too hard to pace with. It’s like jogging with a partner and talking about the weekend. To join a conversation, speak at their pace without taking over the spotlight. Keep the focus on the other person while adding comments or asking for more information. This tip will really surprise you! Why? It won’t take long, before that new person or group will feel comfortable with your “pace” (ha ha…. it’s a reflection of them). When they feel comfortable, you become, interesting! Guess what happens next? If you’re thinking, they might want to get your ideas about the topic and even about you. Pacing first includes you and then gives you the baton to share ideas and pass it on.

Just what will you talk about when it’s your turn…

That’s the next Rule… stay tuned.