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Building Networks

Expand your success by expanding your networks! Polishing your presence through mastering the skills taught in our course modules and consultations will authentically enhance your relationship-building expertise.

Courses and Modules including soft skills will introduce and expand upon:

Communication Skills

Team Building Skills

Participation Skills

Networking Skills


Self-motivation Skills


Web Course Selections

Components may be chosen individually or in value modules of 3 or more


Discover your main frame
How to Select core colours
Highlight features
Build lifestyle-wardrobe
Modify unique details

Building Blocks Of Personal Image


Establish Goals Worksheet Balance time/life Outline Up-date hairstyle-colour/cut styles (submit photos/book 30 min. consult/view options) Select eyewear styles/shapes/colours Design a 10-piece wardrobe capsule-beginning with your closet! (figure analysis and style consult 45 minutes personal call) Take-Me-Shopping with your cell phone (try on and assess pieces before you purchase) 30 min visual contact. Q & A – ready set GO- live 45 min. consultation

Back To Work Makeover And Details Of Professional Dress


Language skills/grammar/enunciation
Verbal vs. Non verbal communication
Networking tips
E-mail and Texting rules for Professionals
Social introduction formulae
Presentation Dynamics

Skills For Effective Communication And Presentations


Complete worksheet on your career choice and company details AND receive a follow-up questionnaire
Send 3 photos as prescribed
Receive a an outline of how to select JUST THE RIGHT clothing and accessories
** Recommended as an addition
A 30 minute Zoom Call Image Consult.

Dress For The Interview Optional Zoom Consult!!

Your Polished Presence

If Success Is Your Goal,
Then Polish Is Your Tool!

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